Is my wish for every physical body. It's a concept that invites you to embrace movement as  a way of life. 

With a wholistic approach to movement, I strive to offer a balanced plan to managing and maintaining your physical body by looking at your body as a whole. A well balanced approach that includes strengthening, lengthening and fluid motion is the primary focus of all of my sessions, classes and workshops. 

With a strong emphasis on fundamental Pilates principles, my approach to coaching merges my pilates, dance and contemporary movement background to offer you a strong alternative to traditional movement practices and invites you to explore the physical possibilities of greater, fluidity, strength, mobility and stability. 

 My goal is to provide you with the tools to create life long physical health through a responsible and safe movement practise that will support proper bone and joint health, lean musculature, and a healthy spine. 

With a focus on spinal health and a safe approach to the multiple movement modalities I have practiced, we work together to create the most appropriate programming for YOUR specific and unique physical needs. 

If you've decided that it's time to make permanent and long lasting physical changes for the better, i'm currently looking forward to seeing you for either a PRIVATE or SEMI-PRIVATE session, either in my home or yours.

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"It is the mind itself that shapes the body."

Joseph Pilates